Unveiling the High Maternal Mortality Crisis in Pakistan: Who bears the responsibility?

Yusra Munir Derpartment of Pharmacy Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. Pakistan, a country over a 220 million population omitting a vibrant culture possess healthcare system that has been deteriorating steadily over the years, leading to dire consequences for the health and well-being of its inhabitants. In this mosaic of health challenges, one stands with grim statistic […]

Health benefits of probiotics

Abrar Hussain International Center for Chemical and biological science ICCBS, HEJ, University of Karachi, Pakistan. Introduction According to WHO and FAO (2001), probiotics are “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”.  This definition was also accepted with little modification by ISAPP in 2013. As the term is […]

A critical evaluation of nano pesticides and nano fertilizers against their conventional analogues”

Qudrat Ullah, Aneeza Ishfaq, Muhammad Qasim Department of Environmental Sciences Government College University Faisalabad Abstract: The use of nanotechnology in the production of agrochemicals, notably nanopesticides and nanofertilizers, has garnered interest in recent years due to their potential to boost crop output while lowering environmental effect compared to traditional counterparts. The effectiveness and safety of […]

The Art of Thesis Writing

ABRAR HUSSAIN International Center for Chemical and biological sciences HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry. University of Karachi, Pakistan. Introduction Thesis writing is the last step in academic research which is required for the achievement of a university degree. Thesis writing is a steady process that required deep thoughts and full attention [1]. The origin of […]

An eco-friendly way for climate change mitigation by the use of vegetables

Muhammad Qasim, Qudrat Ullah, Irfan Haidri Department of Environmental Sciences Government College University, Faisalabad, Punjab Faisalabad Abstract In a number of ways, using veggies can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. First of all, compared to animal products like meat and dairy, producing vegetables often uses less energy and resources. More consequently, diets focused on vegetables […]

Climate change myth or reality

Qudrat Ullah, Fatima Batool, Irfan Hidri Departmental of Environmental Sciences Government College University Faisalabad Introduction: Climate change is a major environmental issue that has become a topic of global concern over the past few decades. Unfortunately, there are several myths surrounding the topic that can lead to confusion and even inaction (Mazur, 1998; Mitra, Banerjee, […]

Floating wetland is an emerging technique for the sustainable treatment of municipal wastewater

Irfan Haidri, Muhammad Qasim, Memoona Department of Environmental Sciences Government College University Faisalabad Abstract: Floating wetland treatment (FWs) is an efficient and environmentally friendly technology for the treatment of municipal wastewater by adopting phytoremediation. FWs consist of a platform that floats and is connected to the pond or lake’s bottom and is composed of a […]

Green chemistry: Trends and innovations

Qudrat Ullah, Fatima Batool, Muhammad Qasim Departmental of Environmental Sciences Government College University Faisalabad Introduction Green chemistry refers to the development of chemical goods and procedures that lessen or do away with the use or production of hazardous materials. It is a fast-expanding field that aims to encourage sustainable development by reducing the negative effects […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Qualitative Research Methods and Methodology

Hajra Zeb Department of Anthropology International Islamic University Islamabad Introduction Qualitative research is an approach to investigating intricate social phenomena to gain an in-depth understanding through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of non-numerical data. Unlike quantitative research, which focuses on measurable variables, qualitative research methods are used to explore subjective experiences, perceptions, and meanings. This […]