Green chemistry: Trends and innovations

Qudrat Ullah, Fatima Batool, Muhammad Qasim Departmental of Environmental Sciences Government College University Faisalabad Introduction Green chemistry refers to the development of chemical goods and procedures that lessen or do away with the use or production of hazardous materials. It is a fast-expanding field that aims to encourage sustainable development by reducing the negative effects […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Qualitative Research Methods and Methodology

Hajra Zeb Department of Anthropology International Islamic University Islamabad Introduction Qualitative research is an approach to investigating intricate social phenomena to gain an in-depth understanding through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of non-numerical data. Unlike quantitative research, which focuses on measurable variables, qualitative research methods are used to explore subjective experiences, perceptions, and meanings. This […]

Electrochemical techniques for wastewater treatment

Irfan Haidri, Qudrat Ullah, Muhammad Qasim Department of Environmental Sciences Government College University Faisalabad Abstract: Electrochemical techniques have great efficiency and effectiveness in eliminating pollutants from the water. Using an electric field, electrochemical treatments use chemical reactions to accelerate the degradation or conversion of organic and inorganic contaminants found in wastewater. Electrocoagulation, electrooxidation, electro-Fenton, and […]